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Lisbon: Excursion to Sintra

I have repeatedly said on this blog how this Lisbon trip was an attempt to visit spots that we missed on our first visit and on the afternoon of day 3, we checked one off our miss-it list by taking an afternoon excursion to Sintra.

Sintra is synonymous to the palace that everyone sees online. I thought that Sintra was the palace, I was wrong. Sintra is a charming and picturesque resort town that is set amidst pine-covered hills of Serra de Sintra. The town is around 30 minutes drive away and easily doable from Lisbon.

While we could have set up a private tour by hiring a private taxi, we chose to do a bus tour from Yellow Bus instead.

From the Tile Museum, we stopped at Praca do Commercio where the meeting place for the bus tour would be. Having arrived early for the meet up, we explored the square again. This time under full sunlight, which was really wonderful. There was a makeshift bazaar in the square, probably in connection with 25 de Abril holiday celebration. Other s…

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